Today, I have the pleasure to announce the launching of the brand new app of Desaxed Studios : Playlist Booster. 

It will be available at the launch price of 99 cts only along with a fully featured 7-days trial ! 

Playlist Booster puts an end to the long and painful process of adding songs one by one to your playlists and allows you to efficiently create and manage your playlist. 

You can now add multiple songs to multiple playlists in a matter of seconds. Explore your folders, artists, albums, genres, recently added songs, etc. and add all what you want with just a few clicks ! 

Tired of duplicates in playlists ? This app provides a convenient tool to remove them all in seconds.

There's the possibility to add homescreen shortcuts or a notification that'll quickly add the currently playing music to your playlists.

Want more ? You can use the Dynamic Playlists tools to create playlists based on rules defined by yourself. These multi-levels rules can get as complex as you want and update themselves regularly so that you don't need to worry about them anymore when adding new music to your collection.

Currently, these rules can be based on :
★ Title
★ Artist
★ Album
★ Filename
★ Duration
★ Size
★ Folder
★ Date added
★ Playlist 

Plus, there's a super-fast search tool directly on the app main screen to provide a quick way to add any song/album/artist to any playlists.

Features suggestions are as always welcome, so don't hesitate to drop us a mail ;)

Hope you'll enjoy !

Get it on Google Play
Bass Booster Pro
Yesterday, the first paid app of Desaxed Studios hit Google Play : Bass Booster Pro. The launch price is 1,39$ only until the 15th of May. This version includes a lot of new features : 

Virtualizer : 
This sound effect is a spatial effect.

Unlimited presets :
You can create and manage as many presets as you may want to. 

Start on boot :
If an effect was activated as the phone was turned off, it will now be automatically set on phone boot.

Homescreen Widget (2x1) : 
This widget allows you to (de)activate audio effects and to change their values. To set a preset, you directly have access to dialog with a list.

Homescreen Shortcut :
This feature allows you to create a 1x1 homescreen shortcut that'll change Bass Booster settings in one click without even opening the app ! (see screenshots) 
The first time you use a shortcut, some Android versions may launch the app as well. But this happens only once. The goal is to provide a quick way to change between profile without opening the app. These shortcuts are entirely customizable and you can even choose which audio effects or preset auto-detection options will be affected by the shortcut. 

Preset auto-detection :
This feature allows presets to be automatically adjusted according to the music that is being played. Let's say that you're listening to some Alternative Rock music, by default, Bass Booster will automatically choose the Rock preset, but if you create a custom "Rock" preset, yours will be selected. 
But it goes even further, you could create an "Punk Rock" preset ("punkrock" works just as good, capitalization and blankspaces don't matter) and a "Hard Rock" preset to get finer equalizer settings for each genre.
This feature requires to use a compatible music player and to have the audio file locally stored and correctly tagged.

Preset on call/sms/conversation :
Bass Booster Pro will automatically switch to the preset of your choice if there's an incoming call or sms. This will work even if the equalizer is off. It could help you to boost the volume to avoid missed calls. You can choose to automatically set a different preset during a phone conversation as well. 

Themes :
There're 4 themes in the app to offer some customization option to users who would be bored by the default white and black theme.

Option for decimal dB :
This is a small option to show the decibels with decimal precision in the equalizer.

Reverb :
This audio effect is still in Beta-state and will maybe be removed in the future because it doesn't work on most phones anyway.

Hoping you'll enjoy it, here's the Google Play link ;)
Get it on Google Play
A new update just landed on Google Play ! This update include : 
 - A whole new design and a new icon
 - Improved battery consumption
 - Improved presets
 - Better action bar/Jelly Bean support
 - Frequently Asked Questions
 - Bug fixes
We've added an option to set Bass Booster as default sound effect app as well. 
But the most important is that we released the Pro version ! More on this in the next blog post.
A new update of Bass Booster in now available on Google Play ! This update isn't as big as the last one, but the goal was to clean a little bit before adding new features. So we removed the volume bar, it was just useless and could lead to involuntary and abrupt changes in the volume.
Some very few users reported that their phone built-in speaker had been damaged by the app, so we developed a protection to prevent the use of the bass boost effect directly on the phone's speaker.
We cleaned the UI a little bit, changing the background to darker one and adding an option to change the EQ bars height, among others. 
The Latino and the Classical EQ presets made their apparition, although they're very similar to some existing presets.
And we've now created a new Facebook page for Bass Booster ! You can find the link in Menu -> About in the app. Previously, we only had Desaxed Studios.

Plus, the app is now actually smaller than in the previous release ! We've made it from 0,56 Mo to 0,47 Mo !
Enjoy on Google Play ;)
It happened the 1st of February, and this is so awesome ! It's incredible to see how many people download and use the app. Bass Booster is now in the 1000000-5000000 downloads app category in Google Play and has more than 11'000 ratings ! The average rating is 4,52, which really high since we use a very unstable and deprecated features with a reduced device compatibility.

The comments about Bass Booster are a daily pleasure, seeing all these "omg best app ever" is making us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :) And yes of course, we read them all.
We've redesigned a small part of the website and added a Frequently Asked Questions section. 
We just started a music blog ! We'll try to post as many free songs as possible ;)
Go to the Music We Like tab to discover awesome music.
If you want to share music with us so that we can re-post it, you can send us a mail. We'd like to know what you listen to with our app Bass Booster and discover some music too.
Enjoy !
Here we go ! This was a necessary update, giving a new freshness to Bass Booster. This brings multiple major features.
The first of them is the long awaited and reclaimed background process ! No more disabled audio effects when closing the app on some phone or random shutdowns. Every 10 seconds, the effect will be newly applied, ensuring that everything is okay. Isn't it awesome ? And besides this, a notification icon will show the used preset and the bass boost strength, giving quick access to the app.
We've added a few user interface improvements, compacting it and adding a horizontal layout. The app now support built-in themes bringing a beautiful interface to Android 3.0 & + devices.
Of course, the presets were updated for the phone that only have 5 bands EQ, but we also added 8 new presets : Electro, Metal, Dubstep, Pop, Jazz, Acoustic, Reggae and naturally, Hip-Hop.

And with all those new features, the app is still under 1MB ! 517ko to download, 960ko once installed, but for the space-freaks stuck with an unrooted phone and little storage (Htc Desire, I'm looking at you), the App2SD option was added !

Keep listening to your bass-boosted-music and enjoying it ! ;)

Download here on Google Play :

Desaxed Studios 
As you can see, the website address has been updated : It's now !
So, Bass Booster 1.2 is on Google Play since a few days and you seem to love it ! All your comments on the app page are really one of our pleasure for every day ! It leads us to work more than we expected on this app, but here are our target for the next update ! 
 - 5 bands EQ full support (the presets aren't yet completely correct now, since they are for 6 bands EQ and some phones only have 5)
 - Run in background. Now the EQ and Bass Boost seem to be occasionally disabled...
 - Even more presets !
 - More audio effects (virtualization, and so on...)
 - Infinity of custom presets
 - Customization options
 - Maybe a few advanced experimental options
 - (Widgets) more likely in a later release.
That will be a pretty huge update and none of these features are yet implemented (and we may add a few more ;) ).
Stay tuned !

PS: here is the changelog of 1.2/1.1 :
Version 1.2 :
- Temporary fix for the bass boost crash (shouldn't affect too many user)

Version 1.1 :
- Added support for more devices (a LOT more devices)
- Presets were improved
- Bug fixes